Disc Golf is a flexible and competitive sport suitable for all types of terrain, providing the ultimate skill based challenge.

What is it?

Disc Golf is an exciting sport and extremely addictive. The aim is to throw a disc into a specially designed basket in the fewest number of throws, requiring precision and accuracy assisted with the choice of either a Driver, Mid-Range or a Putter Disc.

Fully Transportable

Due to the flexibility of this activity, we will modify the Disc Golf Course to challenge the abilities of all participants.  With access to diverse terrains, we will offer simple courses on open grassland or for more advanced challenges – through trees or woodlands.

The Important Stuff

Before hiring Disc Golf, please check these important details below:

  • We require a minimum of 4m x 10m of outside space, but the bigger the better!
  • We only need 30 minutes to setup prior to the event and 20 minutes to set down
  • Challengers must be strong enough to hold and throw the discs comfortably


Prices are dependent on a number of different factors so please contact us for availability and pricing