You have a huge range of outdoor activities to choose from, delivered as either a single activity, as part of an Outdoor Activity Day or incorporated with education through accredited learning. Detailed below is just a selection of the activities we deliver, this doesn’t include the many team building games and exciting wilderness challenges as the list is endless!

    • Air Rifles

      This popular Olympic Sport creates a fantastic skill based session. We offer several types of air rifle with different weights and sizes making this accessible to all. In the Range a number of specialist targets create enjoyable challenges to test any group or individual.

    • Laser Clay Pigeon Shooting

      We operate the latest Laser Clay Pigeon Shooting system.  This popular sporting activity uses deactivated 12-bore shotguns converted to fire infra-red beams to shoot specialist plastic discs.   Up to 5 people can shoot at the same disc and hits are registered on an electronic scoreboard.  This system appeals to all abilities and events as there is no ‘kick-back’ from the guns and no shot is fired once the trigger is pulled.  This operates with up to 5 challengers, each shooting at the same clay at the same time.

      Take a look at our Mobile Hire section for more information.

    • Aerial Laporte Archery

      Take archery to the next level with moving targets and compete against your team mates to become the Aerial Archery Champion.  Guided by our ArcheryGB instructors, you will learn fundamental archery skills before taking on the challenge of moving targets.  This is the perfect sport for team building events as well as great fun for parties, open events and sports days.

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    • Mountain Biking

      Operating a fleet of the latest Giant Mountain Bikes, our highly qualified CTC Leaders and B1KE Mountain Bike Skills Instructors will provide you with top quality coaching. Within a short distance of our centre in Berkshire, we have access to a number of superb trails and technical routes which can be tailored to your riding experience.

    • Archery

      Master the art of the bow and arrow to successfully hit the ‘Gold’ on the target.  Whatever your age or ability our Archery GB qualified instructors will demonstrate the most effective archery techniques.  This Olympic sport is a popular activity and provides an enjoyable competitive experience on either a Traditional Range or in the natural setting of the woodlands.

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    • Mountain Bike Track

      We operate a 60 metre ‘Shoretrax’ portable mountain bike track.  Our team will construct various track options suited to your group with either a continuous loop or broken down into individual features.  Our highly qualified CTC leaders and Mountain Bike Skills Instructors are able to set features within the Track to offer progressive coaching focusing on developing your skills and techniques.  With the track’s clever design, it can be transported to any indoor or outdoor venue, whether it’s a car park, field or sports hall.

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    • Mobile Caving System

      Explore 90ft of tunnels over two levels and have fun discovering the stalagmites, caves, drops and even a ball pit.  Our unique cave offers a challenging and fun experience to all ages.  Cavers will be provided with a boiler suit, helmet and head torch to explore the exciting tunnels and realistic cave features.  The artificial caving system is fully interactive and allows spectators to watch cavers on a big screen.

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    • Mountain Boarding

      Mountain Boarding is the ultimate land board sport, also known as ‘all-terrain boarding’.  This sport allows you to tackle some of the most exhilarating terrains, from a grassy hill to woodland trails.  Our ATBA-UK Instructors will safely guide you through the basic techniques of turning and stopping, providing you with the skills to master the hill.  We have some great venues in the local area and we will provide you with top of the range boards and CE EN 1078 Safety Certificate equipment.  You have the chance to gain the Level 1 and Level 2 Outdoor Academy Award.

    • Cardboard Boats/Karts

      An excellent activity for the whole team to get involved and build their very own Cardboard Cart or Boat using only the materials provided.  The team will be awarded points for their design, effective manufacturing line (EML!) and limiting the dangers through their risk analysis.  The Cardboard Carts will go head to head in the ultimate race while the Cardboard Boats will be launched onto water.  Will they stand up to the test?

    • Mountain Trikes

      Embark on a journey along off-road trails in these state of the art all-terrain wheelchairs. Get to know your trike and learn the fundamental skills such as safe braking, steering and staying in control with our Mountain Trike Adventure.

      Why not include Archery or Fishing as part of your journey for the ultimate experience with our Mountain Trike Activity Day

    • Climbing Wall

      Our Mobile Climbing Wall is a very popular activity featuring automatic belays, allowing 4 climbers to climb simultaneously at their own speed and guided by our qualified C.W.A and S.P.A Instructors.  This activity is for all ages and abilities and we provide the highest standard of safety equipment.  Our Climbing Wall is set up with many different climbing routes to offer beginners and experienced climbers a new challenge each time.

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    • Orienteering

      Orienteering is great for exercising both your mental and physical activity, requiring navigational skills of a map and compass to navigate from point to point in unfamiliar terrain against the clock.  The terrain and course difficulty can be tailored to suit all ages and abilities.

    • Disc Golf

      Disc Golf is a new, up and coming, sport and extremely addictive.  The simple idea of throwing a disc into a basket is assisted with the choice of either a Driver, Mid-Range or a Putter Disc. The aim is to complete the course in the fewest number of throws, courses can be adapted to suit all group abilities and played on either open grassland or through woodland.

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    • Rock Climbing and Abseiling

      Conquer your fear of heights and take on the challenge of climbing and abseiling.  Situated in the South of the UK, we have access to excellent climbing crags in the Wye Valley, South Wales and the Dorset Coastline.  Our experienced S.P.A qualified instructors will work with you to provide expert tuition whether it be your first climb and looking for a ‘taster day’ or to advance your skills and techniques.

    • Geocaching

      Geocaching uses navigational techniques associated with orienteering and enters the digital age using Global Positioning Systems (GPS) to hide and seek containers called ‘caches’ anywhere in the world.  You will be provided with a GPS and coordinates to discover the hidden treasure and leave your mark.

    • Summer Hill Walking

      Explore some of the highest mountains right here in the UK guided by our qualified Mountain Leaders who will provide you with expert technical knowledge to ensure you enjoy the mountains safely.  There are many mountains and incredible remote locations to be explored making a great adventure.

    • Indoor Climbing

      Indoor climbing is growing in popularity with artificial structures that are designed to simulate the experience of climbing outdoor rock.  There are fantastic indoor climbing venues throughout the UK and our C.W.A and S.P.A qualified climbing instructors will work with you to develop effective techniques to safely climb various and challenging routes.  Working as a team, you will also learn the importance of belaying – the safe rope management system requiring effective communication, concentration and team work with the chance to work towards the National Indoor Climbing Award Scheme (NICAS).

      We offer six week courses utilising local indoor climbing facilities for your group to work towards the NICAS Levels 1 and 2.

    • Sporting Activities

      As part of our education programmes, we offer young people the chance to achieve the Sports Leaders Level 1 & 2 Award.  This accreditation is widely recognised by professional organisations and employers.  The Award demonstrates that the candidate has successfully shown a competence in leadership and valuing others.  Outdoor Academy has developed specific worksheets to evidence your learning to submit the portfolio to complete the course.  You will take part in a variety of different team sports such as football, netball, badminton and squash.

    • Branding

      Branding is a long standing technique used as a way of identification.  Under close guidance from our wilderness team, you will utilise woodland tools and traditional techniques of fire lighting and branding for you to take away your very own piece of woodland memorabilia.

    • Shelter Building

      A fantastic team exercise for any group to learn the essential survival skills of living in a wilderness environment.  Making best use of the available natural resources, teams will work together to design and construct a shelter in the woodlands, a challenge for even the most experienced woodland camper.  This activity caters for all ages offering an exciting challenge to build a shelter in the daytime, with the option to camp overnight using specialist bivvie equipment.

    • Expedition Stove Cooking

      Expedition Stoves have been used by explorers and expedition leaders for generations.  We operate a variety of stoves suitable for your group and can provide a different experience every time.  You will learn how to set up the stove, prepare the ingredients and cook a tasty meal.  This is an ideal activity to compliment any journey, whether land or water based.

    • Tarpology

      An important piece of equipment for exploration, Tarps are simple but effective and provide vital shelter from the driving rain or shade from the great British sunshine.  You will learn the basic skills required to set up a tarp competently by choosing the correct location, making use of your surroundings and selecting suitable knots.  Tarpology compliments many of our other wilderness activities to provide a rounded survival experience.

    • Fire Lighting

      Master the art of fire lighting using traditional methods.  Our instructors offer a wealth of knowledge and experience in teaching bushcraft skills.  An open fire is essential for survival and you will be guided through many different fire-lays, selection of appropriate kindling and tinder, lighting the fire and safe management.

    • Woodland Archery

      This activity offers an excellent opportunity to experience archery in its natural environment using high quality recurve bows.  Whatever your age or ability our Grand National Archery Society (GNAS) qualified instructors will demonstrate the most effective techniques in a safe environment.  Our private woodland archery range offers a variety of different range lengths providing a unique and exciting challenge.

    • Open Fire Cooking

      Open Fire Cooking is a vital necessity to surviving and our wilderness menu is full of tasty meals and deserts.  After building and lighting your fire, you will learn an assortment of cooking methods such as boiling, baking and frying.  We also stress the importance of good food hygiene and incorporate this into each cooking session.

      For those looking for the ultimate survival skill, we offer wilderness pheasant cooking and ‘bunny burgers’.  You will be guided by our experienced bushcraft instructors on how to pluck, skin and cut the meat from either a pheasant or rabbit before cooking over the open fire.

    • Woodland Carving

      Under the watchful eye of our experienced instructors, you will be guided through the safe handling of a variety of knives and woodland tools.  You will be shown a range of different carving techniques before shaping the ultimate woodland utensil, the OA ‘Spork’.  This will be your best friend through the wilderness experience, every household should have one!

    • Fishing

      A positive and rewarding activity catching coarse fish in private lakes in the local area.  Our team will provide tuition and support on how to cast a line, choose which bait to use, where to look for fish and how to hold the fish safely before putting them back into the water.  This is a great opportunity for everyone to enjoy some well-deserved peace and quiet with a great view of the lake.

    • Open Canoeing

      This is a brilliant and versatile sport suitable for all types of experiences and can be enjoyed as a family or an individual.  We cater for those looking for a peaceful paddle along the local inland waterways to those who enjoy negotiating white water rapids and accessing remote locations whilst on expedition.  Our canoes can be rafted together to create a more stable craft and allows a larger team to paddle together.

      Our modern fleet of open canoes includes a range of different solo, tandem, river running and open water boats that are highly maintained to ensure you have the best experience possible.

    • Gorge Walking

      Gorge Walking, or sometimes known as Gorge Scrambling, is an exciting and adrenaline fuelled activity.  You will embark on an adventure through the gorges of South Wales and experience the picturesque and beautiful scenery from inside the gorge.  With our highly experienced instructor team, you will swim and scramble up through the gorge, jump into deep plunge pools and walk through waterfalls.  This is a great team building activity and provides you with natural obstacles and challenges to overcome.

    • Raft Building

      A popular team building challenge working together to build your very own raft using only the equipment provided.  Use your imagination to build the strongest, sturdiest raft to get your entire team to the island or compete in the Adventure Race.  A great fun activity to improve interpersonal skills and team work.

    • Kayaking

      Our highly skilled BCU/UKCC qualified instructors are all dedicated kayakers and bring with them a wealth of knowledge and passion. You will benefit from top quality coaching in a relaxed, fun and friendly atmosphere.

      We are located close to ideal inland waterways enabling you to learn the fundamental paddling skills to safely control a Kayak. Our local weirs provide us with access to moving water all year round offering excellent venues to introduce white water skills and develop playboating techniques.

      We operate with top of the range equipment including a fleet of Piranha Playboats, Dagger Nomad Creekboats, Sit on Top Perception Kayaks and three of the latest Jackson White Water Duo Kayaks, all in the comfort of either a Palm Drysuit or wetsuit.

    • Stand Up Paddle Boarding

      Stand Up Paddle Boarding is one of fastest growing sports in the UK and a great social sport to paddle with friends and family.  This specially designed board allows you to paddle on the water standing up and with our British Stand Up Paddle Board Association (BSUPA) qualified Instructors, we can guarantee that you will be standing up on the board in your very first session.  Mastering the art can be great fun and also a wet experience however after a short period of time you will become experts on the water.  An absolute for any wet adventure day!

      See our new fleet of SUP-8’s, an eight person stand up paddle board!  A fantastic team activity!