Specially designed for young people requiring 1:1 support and targeted to those with challenging behaviours or additional learning needs.  The key to this programme is our flexibility to respond to needs on a session by session basis.

What we offer

We believe in the power of outdoor education to re-engage young people with learning and develop a whole host of skills which can be a life-changing experience.  This programme is our most flexible and is tailored to each individual, enabling us to provide support at every stage.

The framework of this 1:1 programme is based on communication, self-management and responsibility.  Your student will discover personal qualities, increasing their self-esteem, feeling of self-worth and aspirations to succeed.  This learning and personal progress is instrumental to future employment and life skills.

Our programmes are successful throughout any duration, either with a pre-determined end date or booked as a continuous education provision.  In some cases, this programme has been extended to cater during school holidays and weekends.

Student Transport

Unlike other alternative education providers, we offer transport for your student to and from an agreed address by utilising our highly maintained fleet of vehicles.  The time spent travelling to the chosen venue provides the valuable opportunity for communication between our experienced instructors and your student.


Please call us on 0118 9712 769 or email info@outdooracademy.co.uk to discuss our pricing structures and possible discounts.


“You have been instrumental in helping build up his confidence and resilience”

Nicky Dziewulska-Miles, Programme Manager, Cranbury College